Turn water into fresh sparkling water and soda

Less waste, more convenience

No more lugging bottles from the supermarket. Sodastream makes the drinks you want, when you want them, in your own kitchen. Kids want grapefruit instead of cola? No problem - you can make a variety of flavours.

Drastically reduce waste. No more throwing away plastic bottles and cans.

Return empty gas bottles to us for discounted refills.

Drink healthier

Sodastream drinks use over 50% less sugar than normal bottled soda like cola and sprite.

You can control the amount of gas that goes into the drinks.

Surveys have shown that families with Sodastream drink more water than those without.

With each Play or Source machine you get:

  • A 1L carbonating bottle
  • A gas cylinder that can carbonate 60L of drinks

Carbonating bottles/ chai đựng nước soda
BPA free plastic
2 x 1L bottles. Fit the Play and Source machines.
600,000 VND
Gas Cylinder Refill / Sylanh đựng gas / CO2
Return your empty cylinders and we'll refill it. Makes up to 60L of drinks.
500,000 VND
Source - Metal
The intuitive Snap-Lock bottle mechanism easily locks the carbonating bottle into place with a single-push motion. Customize your carbonation level. Strength of carbonation is visible through an LED display, providing instant, visual feedback. With aluminum body.
4,500,000 VND
Source/Máy Source
Created by renowed designer Yves Behar, the Source is simple to use, and looks good too.
4,000,000 VND
Source/Máy Source
Created by renowed designer Yves Behar, the Source looks good and is easy to use.
4,000,000 VND
Sugar Free Syrups/Siro không đường
Apple/Peach, Passion/Mango, Fresh lemon
Ask about more flavours
350,000 VND
Cola, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon lime
Ask about more flavours.
200,000 VND